Friday, December 30, 2011 I see...

How many times have you heard that you can't out-train a bad diet? How many times have I heard it? Oh, wait a minute, it really means that I can't out-train a bad diet, huh? It actually applies to me? Oh, now I see....well, yeah, I think I am finally starting to understand that it applies to me!

In the past few years, I have worked out, worked out a lot. I have zumba'd, pumped iron, boot camped, swam night after night. I have boxed (something I loved). I have ridden on that elliptical hundreds, if not thousands of miles. I have completed the couch to 5K program (need to do it again). I worked through a 9-week fitness program on the Wii. I worked out in the morning and worked out at night. I have discovered kettlebells, which I adore (Tim calls it my obsession). I have generally not back down from any physical challenge, even though I may have had to alter things a bit.

In 2012, I know I need to focus on my diet. Now, my diet is generally better than it was some years ago (the past month not withstanding); however, I have not been consistent with it. Honestly, when I first started my journey of health I was able to stick with some important diet changes for several months. Then when I hit a plateau, well, I never quite figured out how to get over it.

I have tried several things to shake up the nutrition side of the equation. I have counted points, I have counted calories. I have tried to eat less calories. My RMR was measured and I tried eating more calories. I talked to dieticians. I spoke with nutritionists. I try to make smart choices, eating whole natural foods, avoiding processed foods, etc. I have read lots of information. I researched many things. I have learned a lot and have tried to apply things to my life. Again, I am definitely eating much healthier than I was years ago and that is a good thing.

BUT I am not consistent with anything. When things don't seem to be working, I just jumped to the next thing to try. Well, now it is time to do what it takes to become consistent, to figure out what will work. I truly believe that there is no one size fits all solution here. Things that work for others may not work for me. I know that I need to find what changes I need to make to my diet as in lifestyle changes (not those temporary changes that so many people start on January 1st of any given year).

So, my first step will be to do a 10-day detox, a plan that I have done a bit of research on. Given the fact that I have been way off track over the holidays, I think this will be a good thing to do. It is not one of those "don't eat anything and only drink vinegar laced water concoctions". I will be eating, only eliminating a lot things over the 10 days and then slowly adding some of them back in. Honestly, the hardest thing for me may be giving up caffeine. I will see how it goes. It is only for 10 days and I am actually looking forward to it.

After that, I know that I will be focusing on clean eating and may consider a primal/paleo lifestyle. I still need to do a bit more research on things and figure out how it will apply to me but at least I am starting to formulate the plan to implement changes in my lifestyle.

Again, the big thing I will need to focus on is consistency. No more falling off the proverbial wagon on the weekends or for special events. I need to be consistent about clean eating and being aware of what I am fueling my body with.

Hmmm...two blog posts before January 1st....gasp!

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  1. I was following the paleo lifestyle about 75%. I have found some great recipes and plan on getting back to it on the 1st. Although, now thinking about it...I ate a lot of lettuce wraps and lunch meat wrapped around a piece of avocado. If you do decide on paleo, we can exchange good recipes.