Sunday, March 11, 2012

Food prep for the week...and probably a few more days...

Well, tomorrow I start the Whole 30. I want to be prepared so I cooked up quite a bit tonight. I know a lot of bloggers post photos of their food on a daily basis and that, well, just isn't me. But I did take a few photos to show you all what I am prepping for the week. The best thing is that everything I am cooking tonight will be frozen in single servings so that I can just grab what I feel like at the moment and I can vary it throughout the week and beyond.

So, here is what I made tonight.

Green egg muffins, basically eggs with broccoli and spinach, baked in muffin cups

Deconstructed cabbage rolls (organic ground turkey, roasted cabbage and tomatoes)

Cinnamon beef stew from the Well Fed cookbook (great book and website...check it out here)

The refrigerator is stocked with vegetables (broccoli, kale, asparagus) and some fruit (blackberries and apples). I am ready.

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