Saturday, November 10, 2012

My jeans are just getting too big...

Today I noticed how big my jeans are getting. I happened to be at a bridal shop with a friend (she found a dress!) and others. There were lots of mirrors all around and I happened to catch myself in the mirrors and saw just how big the jeans really are. I remember it was not many months ago that they fit for the first time. Now I need to go shop again.

I really do not know how much weight I have lost this year. As I say, I am holding a grudge against my scale and I don't tend to step on it much; however, I do have some photographic evidence of progress. I am taking a big step right now and sharing it. I am not sure why this is so difficult to do but it is. I like the anonymity of my blog. I also think that part of the issue in sharing these photos is that I always have a problem with feeling like I am bragging and looking for kudos for people. I'm not. I am also not looking to be labeled an "inspiration" because I certainly do not feel like one.

Anyway, here are the photos over the last 22 or so months.

Updated to add these photos based on hubby's encouragement


I am not sure how difference you see between July and today but I can tell you there is a difference. Keep in mind that even in January of 2011, I was working out like crazy and had even worked with a personal trainer for about 10 months. It wasn't until I really started to listen to my body and to change up my work outs that I started to see progress.

Well, there I shared the photos. They are now out there for the "world" to see. As a final word, I just want to say that clean eating and hard work do produce results. I too think that it helps to step out of your comfort zone and look fear in the face.


  1. Great progress. Congratulations.

  2. You can definitely see the difference in the pictures. Way to go! It is a great feeling when your clothes get looser.

  3. I don't step on the scales much either. You know what? I don't have to if I don't want to and you don't either. This is the way you are doing it and it's working. I have overcome wondering what others might think or say and internalizing an emotion. I can tell posting these pictures was a leap of faith for you. You did it and that says a lot about your confidence level. You know all of us who read your blog will be nothing but supportive and encouraging. You are facing it - great job and continued success to you.

  4. There is definitely a difference between July and today. Keep it up, you're doing great!

  5. I can definitely tell a difference in those pictures - that is wonderful! I'd say you deserve some new clothes!

  6. Super great!!! Don't you just love when jeans get too big! You look so much better. Congratulations!

    :-) Marion

  7. BIG difference! Now go shopping and get some jeans that fit, then you'll REALLY be able to see the difference. I confess, I'm a huge scale junkie. But I do like what my clothes say even more. :-) Keep making healthy choices! I neglected my health blog for a while with a big life change of moving from one state to another, but am trying to get back into the habit of checking in, so looking for others on the journey, so clicking on my followers and that's how I came to be checking in on you! So thanks!