Sunday, September 30, 2012

My October goals

October is going to be a big month of goals and challenges. First, I have a two challenges to finish up:

1. Half marathon training -- I am signed up to run the Boulder half on the 21st of October. I am currently planning on a run/walk protocol. I had a horrible long run this past week but am not yet giving up. I know I can do it. I just need to stay focused.

2. One hundred pushup challenge -- I am on week 2 of the 100 pushup challenge. So far so good.

Here are my new ones I am starting tomorrow:

1. Whole 30 -- Basically, this will be a 30 day challenge of totally clean eating. My eating has been okay of late but not perfect. I definitely can benefit from eliminating some things from my daily food intake for the next month.

2. Logging my workouts -- I want to log my workouts on my blog so I can evaluate if I am slacking or pushing too hard. I want to be able to see how balanced (cardio versus strength) my workouts are. 

3. Decreasing my coffee consumption -- Over the past month, I have drank a lot of coffee. I just feel the need to back off a bit. I will see how I do, with the ultimate goal of eliminating it completely for a couple of weeks.

I am going to try to blog each day, which is not one of my goals because I am realistic about it and likely will not be able to do this. I want to have a record to review and analyze by the end of the month.

I look forward the challenge of October. What is one your list for the month?

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