Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review of 2012 goals...

Before I get to the review of my goals, I do want to mention I need a new name for my blog next year. I hope people will follow me when I change the name. I will see if I can come up with something clever.

Today was a vacation day and it turned out to be a snowy blustery day. So it meant that I was a bit of a slug but I did just finish my workout and it was a good one. Now my mind is clear and I am going to review how I did on my goals for 2012.

My first set of goals was regarding exercise. I wanted to be able to do 10 full push ups (not girl push ups but full push ups). The good news is I can do this. I may not be getting a full range of motion but I can do at least 10, probably closer to 20 without stopping. The next goal was to be able to one-hand press a 45-pound kettlebell five times. I also accomplished this goal early on in the year. The third goal was to attempt burpees. Well, I have attempted them. I do not do them very well or very consistently but I do try them. Next year, I will set a goal to actually do them properly

The last exercise goal was to do an event each quarter. I surprised myself by just how many events I did do this year. Let's see if I remember them all. I did the Republic Plaza stair climb for the American Lung Association in February. I walked a 5K for Autism. I ran/walked my first 5K on Mother's Day. I did the stadium stampede for St. Joseph's Hospital. I did the CF stadium stair climb at Mile High and the Step Up for Cancer stair climb at Dick's Sporting Goods Stadium. I did the 10K run, Fans on the Field. I ran the Hasselhoff at Octoberfest. I ran/walked the Boulder Half marathon. Finally this Saturday I will be walking another 5K for Children's Hospital. I think I did pretty well on that goal.

Then my diet goals. The only goal I had was to do a 10 day detox in January and then focusing on clean eating. Well, I did that detox and another one in May, which really helped me get a handle on some things that were adversely impacting me. I am working with a nutritionist to continue to clean up my diet. I will do the same 35 day cleanse beginning January 7th. Tim and I still need to work on menu planning but we are getting better as we at least did some planning this year. We definitely are eating out a lot less and not eating processed foods. There is room for improvement but I am making progress. I lost quite a bit of weight this year and I hope to keep the momentum going into the new year.

I then wanted to do things to alleviate stress. I wanted to swim once a week. Well, that didn't happen. I did swim a bit but not as consistently as I wanted to. I did start to do yoga again. I think I am going to try to keep up with yoga. I am getting used to it and not allowing it to be a stressful thing for me.

I had a goal to read two classic novels. One was a reread, Grapes of Wrath, and one was a book I never read, 1984. I also read a few other books...some fluff...some non fiction...I did well with the reading.

I had a goal to write letters. I failed miserably on this one. I did email a bit more than normal to just say hi to people. I have to think if I want this to be a goal again.

Creativity was another epic fail for me this year. I wanted to go to more museums, which I did a bit but I did not do very well with allowing my creativity to be organic and just create. I did a few classes that were good and I have another class before the year end (jewelry making). I would like to work on this next year. I need to figure out how to relax about it and still get something done.

I did pretty well with the blog this year. I blogged more than 100 times. For me, that is amazing. It wasn't consistent about the timing but I did not force it. I blogged when I had something to say. Sometimes I blogged when I had very little to say. I look forward to continuing the blogging next year. I do think it helped keep me accountable and focused.

Now I need to figure out what my goals will be for 2013. I have a few ideas but I want to put them in an appropriate format so that they are measurable and such. I hope all are well and are looking forward to a great Christmas weekend!

Update -- I missed a few events. The September 11th Stair Climb, the MS Walk, the Retro Run....and probably a few was a good year for events!


  1. didn't you do the 9/11 stair climb too? looks like 2012 was quite an excellent year!

    1. Thanks, Sabrina. I missed a few events. I so appreciate you reminding me. Next year I will try to keep better track of the events! Can't wait to do some of them with you.