Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thinking about 2013....

While 2012 has been a great year and I have accomplished many things, it is winding down. I am now turning my attention to what I will do next year to push myself to new limits. This year was all about putting myself out there and pushing myself physically and emotionally to complete certain things. I participated in several 5Ks and ran a 10K. I climbed stairs for several charity events. I ran a half marathon.

These are definitely things that I never thought I would do. Now the question is what do I do to keep moving forward. I know I will be doing the climbing events. I love them and want to see if I can improve on my time. I will run more 5Ks. What else?

I am thinking of at least one more half marathon, maybe two. I really want to learn to stand up paddle board and how to kayak. Then my big dream is to train and finish a sprint triathlon. I am contemplating one in August. It would be a half mile open water swim, 11.4 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run. It terrifies me but it has long been on my bucket list. I feel that 2013 could be the year to tackle this challenge.

I would also like to end 2013 with an "X" of any sort in my clothes size. While I try not to set weight loss goals of ## pounds, I think that this is a good goal for the year. I have worked my way down to being able to fit into some "L's" but for the most part, I feel more comfortable in "XL's" right now. My goal is to keep moving down in size.

I also would like to continue to build my support system. This last year has been interesting for me as I have gained a good solid group of friends. It is a bit surprising to me but I am not as much of a loner as I always thought I was. Now I still like my alone tie but lo and behold, I actually like hanging out with some people. I like talking about my goals and hearing about theirs. It is good to feel a part of something.

So, this is not my "official" list of goals for 2013 but it is some of my initial thoughts. I know that not everyone is into New Year resolutions but I do like the feeling a clean slate that the new year brings.

I found this quote and I am going to make it my mantra for the upcoming year:

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” -- John Wayne


  1. Sounds like an awesome list of preliminary goals to achieve - I think I would like to do a sprint triathlon but am not sure about the bike part. I could do the run and the swim though.

  2. Great list of goals! Good luck. My goals are about running. A half marathon in March and a marathon in the fall perhaps? Hopeful:)