Saturday, December 8, 2012

So, I shall walk.....for now.

Since the half marathon in October, I haven't done a lot of running. It actually hurts to run...a lot. My inner thighs, as they did in the race, seize up and I get the same shooting pains. I finally went to see my doctor, who in turn sent me to a physical therapist.

I was very apprehensive about going to a physical therapist, but after soliciting various opinions, I decided I would go. The good thing is that I liked him. He was helpful and fully explained things. The best thing is it appears to be totally fixable and purely "mechanical". It seems after losing the weight i have lost to date, my body has to carry things differently and that shift may have causes an issue with my pelvic bone. It will take a bit of time and work but he thinks I will be better in plenty of time to train for another half marathon next year. He will also be giving me exercises and advice so that this does not happen again. He also does not want me to stop doing anything that I am currently doing, unless it causes pain.

This week I was able to sit in the driver's seat of my car without pain. I was even able to do squats without a lot of pain. This is a amazing change from the prior weeks. 

I realized today that I have been a bit depressed over the past few weeks. One of the reasons is the lack of running and training. Although I have continued to work out (boxing, stair climbing, kettlebells), I miss running. I miss training for something. I also know there are a few 5Ks in the next few weeks that I would like to run. Not running is bumming me out. 

I tried today to run a bit but I cannot without the pain so I walked. I did a lot of thinking on that walk and realized that if I cannot run right now, I can still walk. I can walk some of the 5K events. There is no shame in walking until I can run again. So, I shall walk until I can run again.

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  1. Thank goodness there are so many fun things to do at the gym, in the meantime, until you recuperate. Injuries are always a bummer, no matter how upbeat a person is.

    :-) Marion