Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let's look at the positive!

So, last week I did another stair climb. If you read a blog posts back, you know that I had a melt down after a stair climb I did at Mile High stadium. I still am not completely sure why I had such a bad reaction but I did. I decided to do another one the very next weekend. This one was fewer steps but more people. I think that part of the reaction at the Mile High stadium climb was the small crowd and not feeling so anonymous.

This climb was around Dick's Sporting Goods Park north of the city. It is where the Colorado Rapids play. There were several hundred people there. We went up and down, up and down all around the stadium. It was a total of 1765 steps. 

How did I do? I finished in a bit less than 24 minutes. I jogged a couple of the flats but pretty much just kept a steady pace. I did pass one person, which was a bit of a boost. I had two friends also doing it. They started earlier than me (younger group). They both tried to finish as quickly as they could and finished in about 15 minutes.

None of us had a good gauge on how we did, until they remembered that we all did the stair climb in February. This was my first stair climb and it was 1,098 steps straight up (no up and down on this one), 56 floors. Anyway, Kristin told me that they had both added 3 minutes to their time from February in the stair climb a week ago, while I actually did it about 5 or 6 minutes faster. I have to look at this as an improvement. I also did not stop. I just kept going. In February, I had quite of few moments where I stopped and breathed.

Yesterday we did more steps as a practice for the September 11th stair climb. It was okay...not great. But I did not stopped. I just kept climbing. So, September 11th will be 9 laps around the Red Rocks amphitheater as a memorial to those firefighters who lost their lives in the twin towers. I can do it. I will do it. I will remember their sacrifice. 

I will remember that I have a goal to be healthier than I have ever been. I will make my goals. It may take some time...but I will do it. I am doing it.


  1. Stairs are hard! I avoid them at all costs...not true, I take them to get extra exercise in, but I hate it the whole time. I'm impressed:)

  2. Wow - shaving that much off your time is awesome. We live in such a flat location that I have to climb stairs indoors if I want to practice any kind of incline work!

  3. Glad that you felt better about this one. Also that your time improved.