Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time for some tweaks....

I am working with a great nutritionist that has helped me spur my weight loss this year. It has been a good experience. Monday we met again. She gave me a lot to think about and try for the next few weeks. You see, lately I have been feeling weaker than usual at kettlebell class. I started half marathon training and running in the mornings four times a week.

Lauren suggested that I needed more rest. I haven't consistently taken a rest day for months. She even suggested that I may want to consider two days a week. Of course, she is not the first to mention that I need rest days. I totally understand the concept that strength builds during recovery. I just never have applied it. It is time to do it.

She also asked me to try backing off one of my four days of running and replace it with interval training (stair climbing for instance). She feels that the program I am following is really built for someone who is only running. I am doing a lot more -- kettlebells, stair climbing, etc. I am going to try this. In fact, today I did not do a run but did stair climbing instead. I only hope that I can actually build the endurance I need to run a half marathon.

Finally with my nutrition, she wants me to eat before running in the morning. This is probably the hardest for me but I know it makes sense as well. I really do not want to be burning lean muscle mass during my morning runs. I am going to definitely put this in practice. She says it doesn't have to be much but some carbs and a bit of fat or protein. 

I should also be getting my recovery food sooner after kettlebell class. I am going to bring some protein shakes with me to drink on the way home, which is at least a 30 minute drive. I am also going to be sure to eat that afternoon snack before working out.

Lauren thinks that my training will improve if I follow these things. I want to see some improvement so I am going to try these tweaks. This is important to me that I improve in the fitness areas. I want to be strong and I want to run that half marathon.

So, it is time for tweaks...changes...whatever you want to call them. I am excited about things and the future. It is all good.

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