Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reintroduction phase complete...

I finished the reintroduction phase of the elimination diet. It took me a bit longer than anticipated because I do not intend on adding a lot of the foods that were eliminated back into my long term lifestyle. The results were as follows:

1. Eggs -- congestion after consuming (tested twice)
2. Wheat -- headache and general ugh feeling after consuming (tested twice)
3. Yogurt -- congestion after consuming but other dairy did not bother me
4. Soy -- No energy the day after consuming, just felt UGH after eating.

2 through 4 I was already okay with eliminating from my lifestyle on a long term basis. Yogurt is probably the hardest of the items and it does lead to a suspicion that other dairy may be a problem. 

BUT eggs...eggs...I am extremely upset by that one. I am going to eliminate them for the rest of the year (a total of 6 months) and try again. It is hard to not have this easy protein in the mix. I have had to be creative regarding proteins, especially in the morning. I am learning not to classify food as "morning" food or "day" food. Currently, my breakfast consists of yam hash with veggies and ground grass fed beef or organic turkey.  I will admit that there are plenty of days still that I think about how much better it would be with a poached egg on top. 

As far as the whole process, I do think it was a valuable one and I do thank Lauren for helping me through the process. I think I learned a lot and I feel like my body did some healing during the process. I do know that I have lost a lot of inches and some weight. I am having issues with wardrobe now in that I have had to get rid of so many clothes and now have very little to wear. I have also physically challenged myself a lot over the past weeks and am looking forward to more challenges.

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  1. We have a consignment shop here and she carries only the best clothes. You have to make an appointment with her so she can look over what you want her to sell for you and she only takes the good stuff. Maybe you could find one there? I got two good pair of jeans and some jewelry that I didn't need. It's called Designer Consigner - neat place. Take care and congratulations on having this problem!