Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So maybe I am not superwoman.

Such was the subject of an email I sent to a few of the people that have helped me move towards my fitness and health goals. It is hard for me to admit that I have hit a wall. If you have read my blog entries, you likely know that I am reaching the end of my training for the Boulder half marathon on Sunday. My last long run as I blogged about recently was this past Saturday. It was 11 miles. It was hard but I did it via a run/walk protocol. Sunday was a rest and ice day.

Then Monday I decided that I could do some hard workouts through Thursday of this week. I boxed in the morning and then I went to kettlebell class after work. While the workouts were okay, I didn't feel strong. I struggled through them. I think maybe my body was telling me that I needed to rest, that I was asking too much from it right now. I had a short run this morning, which I did but it wasn't get. Tonight I went to swim rather than go to yet another kettlebell class as I had planned. Swimming is great therapy for me. Think of it as my version of yoga. I am glad I did. I feel a bit more refreshed.

My body is tired. I need to think about rest and recovery. I need to make it more of a priority than I have in the past. So many people have told me this over the past few years but I think it is finally sinking in. I am still looking forward to the half marathon but I am also looking forward to go back to the business of building strength after it is done.

I am mentally tired. Someone once told me that she felt that for me, the training for an event was perhaps even more important than the actual event. It could be true. I am sort of feeling that post event letdown already. Strange since the event is still days away. I am going to work on this attitude about things.

I have learned a lot about training for events like this. I know now that I need to learn to manage my workouts in better the next time I train for a half marathon (that likely will be next May). I am realizing that taking rest/recovery days doesn't mean I'm slacking off. It means that I am listening to my body and understanding what I need to do in order to be stronger.

I am still doing well with my October goals. My Whole 30 has reached day 16 and I feel good about it. I am slowly getting through the one hundred pushup challenge. I haven't logged all my workouts but that's okay. My caffeine consumption was cut drastically from what it was in September. So things are going well there.

For the rest of the week, I am going to watch what I do so that I am not burnt out (physically or mentally) for Sunday. I am going to focus on enjoying the accomplishment. I can't wait to report how it went. I guarantee you that when I finish the 13.1 miles, there will be tears...of happiness, of relief, of pain....and maybe some day I will be Superwoman.

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  1. Good luck on Sunday! What an accomplishment that will be, but you are absolutely right. You need to take care of yourself and allow for rest and recovery. Looking forward to hearing about how your race went!