Friday, October 19, 2012

The training is over

Yesterday was my last training run before the half marathon. It was a short run. I was a bit thankful because it was cold. I did feel a little sad about it. I guess I really do like the training part, the pushing me part of getting ready for an event. 

Since March of this year, I have moved more than 428.68 miles. Not all of this was running as I also use my Garmin for some of my walks (especially when doing hills) and not all of my runs were included as I often forget my Garmin for events. Beyond this, there were multiple stair climbing events and training that I did not use the Garmin.

I have used my Garmin for just under two years. My ever supportive husband bought it for me on my birthday in 2010. It made doing the C25K program so much easier than using my watch. Since late November of 2010, I have recorded 712.90 miles on the Garmin. So, that means more than half my miles have been since March of this year. I think I have pushed my progress a bit in 2012.

I have learned so much during these past few months. I have learned that I have tenacity. I presevere. I am strong. I am weak. I found out I needed help. I found out I needed support. I found both. I have added some great friends and advisors to my life. I have reconnected with people from the past that added to the support network. There have always been people in my life that supported me but I have learned to lean on them more. I have learned to share with them more. I have met some new people in the last year or so as well. These people have endeared themselves to me and have helped me shape a plan to move me towards a more healthy and fit life. I would like them all but I know I would miss someone and feel awful about it. Let me just say there are so many of you out there and I thank you.

I have also started to listen to my body. On the nutrition side, this has meant to change my diet to one that strengthens my body and avoid those things that cause it to falter. I have learned a lot about body inflammation. I have learned not to listen to the media, the diet world, etc but to depend on my body and how it is performing on certain foods. This has led me to a primal lifestyle. It led me to do some work with a great nutritionist. I am not perfect on this front but I am making progress. 

On the fitness side, I have learned to adore...these funny shaped things called kettlebells. I learned that I am strong and that I am quite capable of "keeping up" with others. I can push myself to new levels. Of course, I have also discovered a love for stair climbing and a like for running...okay maybe it is growing to be a love for running. In the past few weeks, I rediscovered a passion for boxing. However, I did have an ephinany this week. One that led me to start to understand the need both for the proper nutrition for workouts and for rest and recovery. My nutritionist is helping me to understand how to fuel my body for workouts. It is working. Many people have told me over and over again that I need to rest more; however, in my mind, if I wasn't working out, I was slacking off. But this past week as I hit the end of my half marathon training, I realized that I wasn't as physically strong as I had been earlier this year. I know now that I need to concentrate on getting some rest during the week and manage my workout schedule a little better. I am going to try to workout more on a given single day but also put in a couple full 24 hour rest periods each week.

On Sunday I will be adding another 13.1 miles to my total for 2012. I am excited. I am nervous. I am scared. I am going to do it. I can't wait to show off my bling. I can't wait to have a personal best (it is my first afterall). I look forward to Sunday when I can say 13.1 because I am only half crazy!


  1. I can't wait to see your bling. It's all about the bling baby:)