Saturday, June 9, 2012

DAY 27 -- Start of "Bring the spa to Lynn" week

First, let me tell you that not eating meat is hard. I am so glad that I only have a couple of days left. Then I get to add back in fish and chicken and some other meats. I am finally in the home stretch as after the two days of being vegetarian, I will only have a week left before I get to to start adding things back in. Believe me, the first thing I will be adding back is eggs. I really am hoping that I will not have a reaction to eggs. I am going to think about the schedule that I am going to add back in items and post it soon. I want to do this correctly because I want to learn more about how my body reacts to inflammatory foods.

Next week I am on vacation. I was to go to the spa but after extra car expenses, the spa is out of question for right now. Tim decided that it was going to be "Bring the Spa to Lynn" week. That is, he planned some things for me to do during the week. I know that I want to go Red Rocks to do the stairs. I am going to the spa for a day. We are going to go ride the Royal Gorge train. I plan on working out a lot. And tomorrow I go to a yoga/mediation retreat for the day.

I need to think about the schedule for the week. I plan on doing that tonight. It will be a nice week off. I also hope to do some yard work that I never seem to have time for during the week. The dogs will get lots of walks and runs. I am also going to watch Firefly if it is on Netflix. All in all, a good week will be had. Of course, I will miss the spa and views like this.

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  1. Another Firefly fan!! Shiny!! If it's not available on Netflix, you can always borrow my DVDs. :)