Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 29 -- Let me just state for the record...

I have no desire to ever be a vegetarian. Sure, I don't mind a vegetarian meal or even a day but I will not ever be a vegetarian long term. It is especially hard when you are not eating legumes or grains or most nuts. So, I guess if I was eating those items, I would find being on a vegetarian diet a bit easier...but thankfully today is my last day! Tomorrow I can eat fish! Tomorrow I can eat chicken! Tomorrow I can bison!

Yea, I am excited about that...maybe a little too excited? Fortunately, I have discovered a few recipes that have made it tolerable to be on a vegetarian diet. Yesterday, Tim made me a butternut squash soup that I will be eating throughout today to complete this phase of the diet. The day before he also made me a jicama hash, which was delightful. So, by the time today ends, I will have finished this detoxification step of the cleanse and I will be happy!

Today is the first day of a week's vacation for me. Yesterday to kick off the vacation, I went to a yoga/meditation retreat. It was the first time I actually enjoyed yoga. The meditation portion was helpful as well. I realized, after speaking with the instructor, that my method of meditating while I am walking or swimming is definitely beneficial. I don't need to sit in a corner in an awkward position to be meditating. 

I ran a 5K this morning with Tuff and walked a couple of kilometers with Katie. It was a lovely morning, even with the smell of a forest fire quite a bit north of here in the air. Tomorrow I have a spa day and am looking forward to that as well. I am not sure what else the week will bring but it is going to be relaxing.

"Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation. " -- Henri Cartier-Bresson

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