Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 20 -- Photo blog

Let's go for a walk!
I can't believe it is already day 20 of the 35 (or is it 36) day cleanse. It has been going well, even with all the stress over the past couple of days.

Today is a recovery day so I decided that I would share with you some of the things I see on my walk/run time. I am fortunately to live very close to a local bike/run/walk path. While I am rarely that far from houses, I do fool myself into thinking it is more isolated than it really is. So here are some photos I took along my walks today.

First the bridge. We cross this bridge multiple times on run days as I follow strange paths on my runs to get my distance in. One day we startled some mule deer that were under the bridge....well, they startled us as they crashed about under it.

Fun with shadows

The creek below the bridge. Not much water running right now.
The following are just random photos of the path.
Another view of the creek.
I will admit that I am always a little nervous through this area of the path.

We also go along a dirt road the runs out of the north end of our neighborhood. There used to be lots of horses in the fields around there but we haven't seen them all year.

 More sights along the way
Hawk kept an eye on us
Hawk in flight
We see a lot of bugs

Not many wildflowers but lots of weeds

Where have all the horses gone?

 My favorite two sights on my walk/runs.

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  1. What a great place to walk! Except for the rattlesnake area of course...