Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day ??? -- honestly not sure what day it is...

but I will figure it out...tomorrow. Today is a sad day in my household as this afternoon we are saying goodbye to one of our most faithful companions. Our lab is in constant hip pain and it takes every bit of her energy to get up and down. It is time to say goodbye, even though every bone in my body wants to scream "NO".

Today is all about taking care of my family. Yes, my pups are part of my family. While I don't consider them "children", they are very important to us. I also have to take care of my husband, who is truly heart broken today. Everything else can, well, wait until tomorrow.

This does not mean that I am going off plan. No, I am still following the second phase of my protocol. I started with the protein drink a couple of days ago. I did add some almonds into my diet...well, I will admit that I added too many almonds into my menu last night. I guess it was my reaction to the stress plus I was fighting the impulse to binge on totally unhealthy food. But today the almonds are gone. There is plenty of good food in the kitchen. I will do what I can to stick with things in a better manner.

I know I blogged a bit about my Matti a few weeks ago so I won't repeat my thoughts about that here. Do know that saying goodbye to her will leave a big hole in our lives. She has meant so much to us over the years. The house will be somewhat empty for some time. BUT it is the right time. It is not fair to keep her suffering just so we will not be sad.

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