Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 11 -- How my tastes have changed...

Guess what I am having for breakfast this morning? If you guessed, turnip and grass fed beef hash on a bed of were right! One of the changes I have made over the 11 days is changing my idea of what's for breakfast. When I was eating on the conventional wisdom "healthy" breakfast, it would be some sort of whole grain cereal with skim milk or Greek yogurt with fruit. Then when I changed my lifestyle to a primal/paleo lifestyle, I still focused on "breakfast foods" for breakfast. That would primarily be eggs. Well, now that eggs have temporarily been removed from my diet, I am quickly realizing how breakfast can really be anything. Leftovers are great for breakfast. Carrot and celery sticks with sliced turkey breast and  a bit of avocado are a satisfying morning meal.

Not only has my mindset about what is an appropriate morning meal changed, so have the items that I am actually consuming. While I would not say that I am ever was a majorly picky eater, there were definitely things I would not try. Now I am willing to try most things and am finding there are so many delightful nutritionally dense foods out there.

I never would have thought that I would have had cravings for kale but I did this past weekend. Chard is another green that I adore now. I still have to try some others like collard and mustard greens. I never was a big fish eater but now I even eat sardines (still can't eat them out of the can but crisped up in a skillet over a bed of lettuce, they are not bad). Turnips and yams are two other foods that I would never even look at in the grocery store. Then there are brussels sprouts. Sliced thinly, sauteed in bacon greases (or currently while on the cleanse in coconut oil) and they have been the star of so many meals. I seriously love this vegetable now.

It is very funny how the mind can change and how certain things that never looked that good before are becoming staples in my diet.


  1. This is awesome!! :)
    I love all of those things. Have you ever made kale chips?

    1. I like kale chips but don't love them. I may have to make some more though and try again.