Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Healing myself -- day 2

As I said yesterday, I am on a 35 day protocol to cleanse my body. But more importantly, I am seeking to heal my body. I have been working hard on this for the last few years and, for the most part, have been quite successful. My blood work has improved significantly over the journey. I feel more energetic. I can do more things than I ever thought possible.

So, what am I seeking through this cleanse? Well, there are few things that I have been researching more and more through the past year. The two things that I am working on now are related to each other...leaky gut and inflammation. You can do a google search and find a ton of information on leaky gut. Here is one link that I found helpful. I don't know if I have leaky gut syndrome or not but I am sure I can use some healing in this area. For the protocol I am on, that is what the intent is for the first 15 days. I have to remember that I am healing myself because the supplement that is used for this portion of it tastes HORRIBLE. 

Lauren (the nutritionist I am working with), to her credit, warned me how bad it would taste. Well, she was so right. But it is only 15 days and I have already completed one of those 15 so 14 more days. I just have to remember it is helping to heal me. 

Then after the first 15 days, I will continue to work on the relieving inflammation in my body. Here is another link about inflammation and what it means. Honestly, I had never heard of these concepts until a year or so ago. I always thought that food allergies were much more dramatic and immediately life threatening. Now, do I know that this is the root of my issues with my weight. No, I don't. I could probably go out and have expensive testing done but it can't hurt me to try this protocol first.

If you have followed my blog from the beginning of the year, you know that I already did a ten day cleanse. I actually followed it diligently and felt great doing it. But I didn't follow it as well in the reintroduction phase. You see, I wasn't quite doing it to see how foods impacted me as much as I was doing it to get ready to go primal. The ten days did help me approach the primal lifestyle for the last few months without much issue. But now it is time to do the reintroduction part correctly and see how certainly inflammatory foods impact my body.

My ultimate goal in all of this is to be healthy. I really is. Yes, I want to lose weight and such but mostly my health is the important thing. What are you doing to be a bit healthier today than you were yesterday?

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