Monday, May 14, 2012

Day one of 35

So, I am starting a 35 day cleanse today. I am working with a nutritionist. Even though I did the 10 day thing at the beginning of the year, I knew that it was not long enough to really see if certain foods were causing inflammation. Now it is time to find out. The cleanse is sort of like the Whole 30 that I attempted a few weeks ago but a bit more extreme in what I cannot eat. AND you know what, that's okay. It is temporary and I should get some good information as I listen to my body. I also have a guide to help me along the way in Lauren as she is available via email and such. That will be very helpful.

So, I can eat lots of veggies, healthy meats, and good fats. What I cannot eat are grains, dairy, eggs, caffeine, and certain fruits/veggies. I am going to focus on quality food, drinking lots of water, and listening to my body. The hardest two things will be no eggs or caffeine as eggs have become my "go to" protein and caffeine, well, it's caffeine!

I find it is easier to concentrate on a goal if I blog about it so I will likely blog about it every day for the next 35 days. Let's see how it goes.


  1. Hey, I hope that the cleanse goes well. Going without caffeine is something I find hard, although after 3-4 days I've started to not care that much about it. Still have cravings, though.

  2. YAY! I love daily blogs from you!!! I am really interested to see what you find out through this process.

  3. Good Luck! I will be starting the same cleanse shortly. Looking forward to your daily blogs.