Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 3 of 35 -- So much to learn

Ok. Day 3 of 35 is about to start. I really thought I would be entitling this post Day 3 of 35 -- I so miss my caffeine. But honestly it has not been that difficult. I am quite surprised by that. I will admit that the first day I was craving coffee and the second day I caught a whiff of a nice dark roast and the thought of a nice hot Americano crossed my mind. I have not, however, had any headaches from the lack of caffeine, which was one of my fears. I have filled my craving by having some mint, ginger or licorice tea. It fulfills the need for a soothing hot beverage.

Giving up coffee has not been that bad. The hardest part has been giving up eggs. Eggs for me are a "go to" protein. When nothing else sounds good, I have eggs. It is funny because a few years ago, I didn't even like eggs. Now I miss them but again, as I said yesterday, I want to heal my body so I will complete this 35 days. I mean, if I can drink the powdered RepairVite (or as I think of it, coffee flavored sweat -- seriously that is what it tastes like to me), I can endure 35 days or a lifetime without eggs, if it is what I find will keep my body healthy.

So, what is the title about "So much to learn"? Well, I am trying to understand the difference between rest and recovery. Here is a good post about the subject. I always feel like a slacker when I take a day off from working out. Maybe I am a slacker. I am going to try to focus my "off" days as being recovery days. My favorite recovery activity is swimming. I realized this weekend I wasn't swimming enough. After my 5K this weekend, my hip has been bothering me but I still worked out at kettlebells on Monday and Tuesday as well as running Tuesday. They have not been the best workouts. I am wondering if, even though I "rested" Sunday afternoon, maybe I didn't do necessary "recovery". Does that make sense? 

Today is going to be a day of recovery. I went for a long walk with the dogs this morning and, instead of kettlebells, I am going to go swimming tonight. I am going to move my body but not as intensely as a kettlebell class would be. I am also going to rest a bit by sitting in the jacuzzzi and sauna at the gym.

I have long heard about the need to recover and that your body is actually getting fitter during the periods of recovery but I don't think I have ever understood what it meant for me. Hopefully I am understanding it more now and am doing the right thing for my body.

More later.

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