Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 14 (missed day 13 but all was well) -- training motivation

One of the things that I have used as a motivation to keep moving is signing up for charity events. It gives me a target and something to train for. Also, even though it costs money to register, the money is going to good causes. The day of the event is typically quite fun, with the crowds cheering you on and the camaraderie you have with strangers.

One of my goals for the year was to do an event each quarter and I have done quite well with the goal. So far this year I have completed 
  • a 56 floor stair climb for the American Lung Association in February,
  • a 5K walk for Autism Speaks in April
  • a 5K walk for MS in May
  • a 5K run (although I walked some of it) for Growing Home in May
 I have the following events planned:
  • a 5K run for Saint Joseph's Hospital in June (more info)
  • another stair climb for cystic fibrosis in July (more info)
  • an 80's retro 5K run for Colorado Youth at Risk in August (more info)
I am including links in case any of you want to join in on the fun. 

I list all these items not to brag about it but to reflect on how far I have come. In the past, I have done various charity events for time to time but this year, it is keeping me excited and invested in my training and such. The one event on the list that I am the most nervous about is the stair climb in July. The one I did in February was a bit over 1,000 steps, straight up, while this one will be just about 3,900 steps but both up and down. It should be interesting. This week I am starting with stair training again.

What keeps you motivated to keep moving? Do you do events? Do you enjoy them?

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