Sunday, June 24, 2012

This is why I don't own a scale...

A few months ago, I decided to live without a scale. I do weigh myself from time to time at the gym, but I base my progress on how I feel and how my clothes fit. Lately, I have been feeling good and feeling like I was making a lot of progress. My clothes definitely are bigger in all ways. So, when I went to the gym yesterday, I jumped on the scale. From what I remember from the last time I weighed, it said I was 2 pounds heavier. WTH? It just didn't make sense.

Then I proceeded to let it ruin several hours of my day. I can try as hard as I can not to let it get to me but that damned scale effects my self esteem...AND that is just wrong. Now, who knows why the scale was up two pounds? Who knows if it even was up two pounds? I only am thinking I remember what it said last time I weighed in. It is a public scale so who knows how accurate it is. 

BUT even if I did gain two pounds, does that mean that all the effort I have been putting is for naught? Does it mean I am failing on my journey to health? Do I really need to let it impact me as it does? No...I need to realize that I need to keep on my journey and know that results are measurable in so many more ways, such as the fact that one of the hottest days of the years, I completed a 5K or the fact that my clothes are getting so big on me I really need to invest in some new ones (or at least dig out more from my closet) or the fact that I am actually planning on training for a half marathon or the fact that I used an 88 pound bell for two-hand swings in class the other day. There are so many good things that are happening right now. I will focus on those. I do not need a scale to tell me what I am worth.

On the reintroduction side, I kind of screwed up and need to retest eggs. Bummer I know but I will fix it. I did test white potatoes and really was cranky after eating them and starving all day. I also woke up with thick ankles. So I am thinking they do have an impact on me. Now I am on to tomatoes. We will see.

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