Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 3 of 10....

.Let's see, how did yesterday go? I still had issues with the caffeine withdrawal but it was alleviated by having some herbal tea. One of the things I like about coffee is the warmth of it so this gave me that part.

I went to kettlebell class, but I didn't feel that strong. I think it was mostly a mental thing but it wasn't a great workout...however, it was a workout!

I ate lots of roasted veggies, some vegetarian chili that Tim made me, some steel cut oats, berries, kiwi, and nuts. I actually wasn't that hungry last night after kettlebell class.

Last night I dreamt that I went off course and ate things I shouldn't have. I wonder what it means to be dreaming about this process? I guess it is something that is on my mind so much that it takes over during my sleeping hours.

So, per the schedule, today I start giving up grains, which really isn't an issue since I haven't had any in the past two days. Today it is gluten grains (wheat, rye, barley, corn, etc.). Tomorrow will be other things like rice and quinoa. I also have a session with Kristin, who I do one on one training with kettlebells. I hope I am ready for it.

How are you all doing? Drop me a comment or email and let me know!

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  1. hey there! I am glad to see you are still doing really well! I am very proud of you and I know you can do this. It's hard at first but it gets easier. One thing and I am not sure if this is on your detox list or not, but in the mornings a friend of mine told me that you can eat an apple in the morning and it will help give you the energy you remember from the coffee. He gave me that advice after I had made it through the first week, but it did help in the mornings.

    I finally finished my blog entry with some of my goals. Mine aren't as detailed as yours, but in general they should help.

    I hope you have a nice relaxing night and you dream about sunsets, beaches and things other than foods! :)

    Take care!