Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 6 of 10

Well, here we are on day 6 of 10. It is another day of only certain vegetables, pears and apples. Yesterday went pretty well. The lack of options really did not bother me too much. It helps that I like broccoli and lettuce.

I went to kettlebell class last night. Things have changed a bit there. They changed from two levels of classes to multiple levels. Because I have been going for awhile, I am able to go to the second level, which is what last night was. It was difficult because he was teaching new movements with the kettlebell. While swings and presses have been pretty easy to learn, these new things seem to take more brain power and kind of stress me out as I don't like not being able to do something. Combine that with the fact that I was a little cranky from work and probably a little from the detox program, well, things just didn't feel right. I even considered only going to beginning classes (which I know can still be a great work out). Then I realized that maybe it is not such a bad thing to try to do this and relax a bit about it. So, we will see. I will keep working at it.

Today is football day. I have plenty of vegetables stocked so watching the game should not be too bad. I have already gone to the gym to stair climb, ride the elliptical, and swim. The gym was crowded...crazy crowded but I was able to do everything I wanted to do.

I end with this quote on my herbal tea bag this week. I am going to keep this as my 2012 motivational statement.

"Happiness comes when you overcome the most impossible challenge."


  1. Kettlebell is apparently a great workout, how did you go about finding a class? And good for you for trying the higher level class, keep on practicing the new moves and your body will figure them out eventually!

  2. Actually, Jane, I bought a Groupon for the one here and then joined up after those sessions. Otherwise I would have never known about it.

  3. love that motto - i shall definatly be adopting that into my life and hopefully it will give me some motivation for success :)