Friday, January 6, 2012

Halfway point after today....

So, today is day 5 of 10. Today I eliminate everything except for cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts), leafy raw greens (lettuces, spinach), apples and pears. This is the state I will be in for the next three days. Then I will slowly add things back into my eating plans.

As far as how things are going, comparing yesterday to the prior three days, well, it's like night and day. Yesterday I finally felt like my energy level was up. I was getting through the prior days but they were such long and drawn out days and my workouts just were not at the level I am used to them being. But yesterday that all changed at some point. Suddenly, I was filled with energy and felt good. This morning I feel great as well. I did take a break from working out last night. I actually was toying with the idea of going swimming but got caught up with things at work and needed to run a few errands. So, I just came home and spent the evening with Tim.

Tonight I will go to kettlebell class and tomorrow I hope to do some stair climbing. So, I will get back into the swing of things again.

One thing that I have been thinking about is where I am going from here. I have been reading a lot about various lifestyles and what people choose to eat. I have been on the whole grain bandwagon for some time but it just isn't working, which is why I am now looking at the paleo/primal lifestyle. I have found an interesting couple who have done a lot of work on a website, Yes, it is their business and they make money at it but there is a LOT of information on their site that you can read without making a financial commitment to anything. Honestly, I haven't paid anything for any of the information yet but I learned a lot and have been encouraged in a few ways.

First, I realized at one point that I was not fully committing to any one lifestyle and dabbling in various concepts wasn't helping me. Second, I have for a long time thought about how so many things are faux foods for me, substitutions for things that I should not be eating, BUT these faux foods are not necessarily any better. I think I started wondering about this concept a few years ago in a Weight Watchers meeting (NOTE: I have no issue with the WW program, it does work for some people. I just couldn't figure out how to make it work for me), when some people there were touting high fiber pop tarts as a good bang for the points. That just felt strange to me, too many substitutes that are not that good for you. Things like sugar substitutes have played too large of a part in my life. I need to work on that.

Anyway, that is my ramblings for today. Have a great one! I know I will!

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